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Layer Cake recipe Sago / Pastry Pepe

· 250 gr sago flour
· 100 gr rice flour
· 250 gr sugar
· ½ teaspoon vanilla
· ½ teaspoon salt
· 800 cc coconut milk from 2 coconuts, set aside 200 cc to boiled
· cooking oil to polish
· dyes according to taste

· Melt 50 g corn starch with 50 cc of coconut milk.
· Pour the coconut milk 200 cc of the which is first boiled egg and sugar, stirring evenly, cool.
· Mix remaining sago flour with rice flour, vanilla, and salt.
· Pour sago into the batter on top of the already cold while diuleni and pour the remaining coconut milk little by little until the dough becomes slippery.
· For the dough according to taste for the given dye.
· Prepare pan size 20 x 20 cm, basting with oil.
· Pour ± 6 tablespoons white batter and steam for 5 minutes.
· Pour batter ± 6 tablespoons of other colors and then steamed for another 5 minutes, and so on until the dough runs out.
· Steam until cooked.
· Chill before it is cut with a knife covered with banana leaves to sticky notes.

Layer Cake recipe Sago / Pastry Pepe Material
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